500 000

“The Spin of luck”

SuperGame Regulations


Days:  every Thursday

Prize Fund: 500 000 drams

Game spending: -22:00 the Main hall (registration from 18:00 to 21:59)

     -22:30 the Royale JackPot hall (registration from 18:00 to 22:29)


Terms of participation in the drawing:


  1. Guests of the Casino who have reached the age of 21 are eligible to participate in the SuperGame.
  2. The purpose of the participant in the game:
  • accumulate the maximum number of coupons for the spent period, thereby increasing the chance of self-victory in the SuperGame final.
  • To be present in the casino on the days of SuperGame.
  1. Participants are issued coupons in the casino and slot-hall

- for the combinations and payouts at gaming tables in accordance with the table

  1. The Organizer retains the right to make changes in the terms of SuperGame.
  2. After the SuperGame, the non-played coupons are canceled.


SuperGame Mechanics (Main hall):

The game takes place in one stage, prize fund is 375.000 drams.

At 22:00 the emcee begins to fill roulette numbers with participants' tickets, placing one ticket into roulette numbers (from 1 to 36). The guest, whoes ticket will be in Zero, determined by the auction (Or from the lottery drum, if there is no one who wishes).

After all the numbers on the roulette are occupied, three spins are produced, the tickets of the guests in dropped out rooms are placed on dozens of roulettes, starting with the first.

Released numbers are filled with tickets from the lottery drum.

 When Zero falls out, this number is placed with a ticket of the same participant (provided that this number will be bought by the auction).  In total, we get three finalists, whose tickets are on dozens of roulettes.

The final spin starts. Spin is done from Zero.

 The winner, whose number fell

The rest of the finalists receive  100.000 drams.


SuperGame mechanics (Royale JackPot hall):

The game takes place in one stage.

At 22-30 the emcee fills all the chances at roulette, starting with equal chances, In the following sequence (1-18, Even, Red, Black, Odd, 19-36) getting tickets of participants from lottery drum.  Then the small chances of a dozen and columns are filled in the sequence from 1 to 3.  The last ticket is put in Zero.

A spin is made from the number coinciding with the day of the event.

Defined 5 winners of 25 000 drams, whose CHANCES have played on the field.

When Zero falls out, the winner is the one, whose ticket is in Zero (before the spin do not forget to announce) and receives the entire prize amount of 125.000 drams.


  1. In controversial situations, the decision of management of casino "Royale" is considered as final.
  2. The administration of casino “Royale” reserves the right to change the conditions of the SuperGame.