1 500 000

 “Double Chance”

SuperGame Regulations


Days: every Friday

Prize Fund: 1 500 000 drams

Game spending: -23:00 the MAIN hall (registration from 18:00 to 22:59)

   -23:30 the Royale JackPot hall (registration from 18:00 to 23:29)

Terms of participation in the drawing:


  1. Guests of the Casino who have reached the age of 21 are eligible to participate in the SuperGame.
  2. The purpose of the participant in the game:
  • accumulate the maximum number of coupons for the spent period, thereby increasing the chance of self-victory in the SuperGame final.
  • To be present in the casino on the days of SuperGame.
  1. Participants are issued coupons in the casino and slot-hall

- for the combinations and payouts at gaming tables in accordance with the table

  1. ​The Organizer retains the right to make changes in the terms of SuperGame.


SuperGame  mechanics (Main hall):

The game takes place in two stages with a prize fund, each is 500.000 drams.

The time for the stages is 23:00 and 00:00, respectively. On the table in front of the emcee there is a roulette wheel.

After mixing the coupons in the lottery drum, the emcee takes out the participant's ticket. The participant receives a incombustible amount of 50.000 drams and a chance to increase it several times. For this, he at his will, determines the color of the number that should fall on the roulette. Spin is done by the emcee or a participant of the lottery (optional).

In case, if the guest guessed the color, he could either take the amount of 100.000 drams, or increase it to 150.000 drams, guessing the color of the next number. There are no limits to the number of successful attempts (due to luck, the entire prize fund of the stage can be won by the first participant). The participant can continue guessing, until happens the following: The participant decided to take the money; the participant was mistaken (receives only the first 50 000); the prize fund is exhausted. The emcee congratulates the winner, presents the prize and then takes out the ticket of the next participant from the lottery drum.

If the ball hits the Zero sector, the spin is done again.

The drawing takes place until the amount is completely raffled, but not more than the prize fund. The participating guest last takes the remainder of the prize fund.


SuperGame mechanics (Royal JackPot hall):

The game takes place in one stage with a prize fund of 350,000 drams. The time of this stage is 23:30.

After mixing the coupons in the lottery drum, the emcee takes out the participant's ticket.

The participant receives the first incombustible amount of 5,000 drams and the opportunity to play a doubling game up to 5 times and increase his prize to 160,000 drams. He needs to guess the color of the card: either red or black. During the guessing, the sum of the potential win is doubled. At any time the participant can refuse further participation and take the winnings.

If the guest mistakes when choosing the color of the card, then he automatically receives the previous amount (for example, after getting to the amount of 40.000 drams and without guessing, the guest will receive 20.000 drams).


After the guest has finised guessing for any of the reasons (took the money, made a mistake, guessed it 5 times in a row (won 160.000 drams)) gets the ticket of the next participant from the lottery drum. This continues until the prize fund is completely  exhausted. The Participant takes the remainder of credits on the device (the primary contributed amount 5000 drams).

  1. In controversial situations, the decision of management of casino "Royale" is considered as final.
  2. The administration of casino “Royale” reserves the right to change the conditions of the SuperGame.