10 000 000

SuperGame Regulations – 10 000 000 drams.



SuperGame Start: APRIL 29, 2017

End Of SuperGame: AUGUST 26, 2017

Days Of The Game: Every Last Saturday Of The Month

Game Spending:

- Registration time 18:00 - 23:59

- SuperGame start time 00:00

Prize Fund: 10 000 000 drams.




1.​ Guests of the Casino who have reached the age of 21 are eligible to participate in the SuperGame.

2.​ The purpose of the game:

- accumulate the maximum number of coupons for the spent period, thereby increasing the chance of self-victory in the SuperGame final.

- to be present in the casino on the day of the SuperGame.

3.​ Participants are issued coupons in the casino and slot-hall

- for the combinations and payouts at gaming tables in accordance with the table

4.​ The fact of issuing coupons is being fixed in the sheet in accordance with the established form. In turns, the statement of the casino is being closed by the Pit Boss / the supervisor and being presented to the casino manager for the approval. The manager maintains the list of coupons.

5.​ The Organizer retains the right to make changes in the terms of SuperGame.

6.​ The control over the observation of these regulations is to be assigned to the manager (in shifts).

7.​  Guest HAVE NO RIGHT to touch coupons after putting them in a drawing ball, and also to crumple, bend, incise coupons before throwing them into a drum. Coupons with a mechanical defect are not allowed to participate in the promotion!!!

9.​ After the SuperGame the non-played coupons are to be canceled.


SuperGame Mechanics (upper hall):

The total amount of prize fund 7 500 000 drams.

The sum of the prize fund for each of the three stages – 2 500 000 drams.


1-st Stage:

In the period from 18:00 to 23:59 the combinations, guests received when they played at poker tables are to be registered on the scoreboard. The senior 5 combinations are being registered (minimum ANTE $50, combination of flush and above). At 00:00 combinations registration ends, the guests, whose combinations at that moment were in the list of the five senior ones get the guaranteed participation right in the drawing.

In the same time, the five largest slips are being recorded on the scoreboard.


2-nd Stage:

Registration starts at 22:00.

The guest is to come up to the registration desk and call out the number of his club card. After that, the coupons are being dropped by the casino staff  to the drum. Guest HAVE NO RIGHT to touch coupons in a drum!!!

At 00:00 the emcee starts to fill the roulette numbers with the participants' tickets. Guests, whose combinations and/or slips were on the scoreboard, get the right to chose the number, where their ticket is to be. After they all are determined, the emcee takes out from the drum tickets one by one and puts them under the first dozen numbers (starting from the first free number), until all 12 are to be occupied. At 00:30 2nd dozen is to be filled, at 01:00 – the third one. The guest, whose ticked will be Zero is to be determined by the auction (or from a lottery, if there is no any interested persons)

At 02:00, after all the roulette numbers are occupied, 6 spins are given, tickets of the guests in the dropped numbers are placed on equal chances and the released numbers are to be filled with tickets from the lottery-drum. When comes Zero and the ticket for odds is placed, the ticket of the same participant is placed on this number. After all 6 participants are identified dealer starts spin. The ticket from the fallen dozen is to be eliminated from further participation. The remaining two are to be moved to the "Red" and "Black". The final spin is to determine the winner of this hour.

At 03:00 the second part of prize fund being drawn, at 04:00 – the third one (according to the above-mentioned regulations)


SuperGame Mechanics (lower hall):

The total amount of the prize fund is 2 500 000 drams.

The sum of the prize fund for each of the three stages – 700, 800 and 1000 drams accordingly.

Registration starts at 22:00

The guest is to come up to the registration desk and call out the number of his club card. After that, the coupons are being dropped by the casino staff to the drum. Guest HAVE NO RIGHT to touch coupons in a drum!

At 00:40, the emcee takes out one ticket of the lottery-drum, the owner of which gets the opportunity to play the game for doubling (10 000 drams are submitted complimentary in one of the machines and any combination is being “caught” at any minimum rate). To do this, he needs to guess the color of the card, red or black. When guessing, the sum of the potential win is being doubled. Initially it is 10 000 drams. The participant can refuse further participation at any time and withdraw the winnings. If the guest mistakes when choosing the color of the card, he automatically receives the previous amount (for example, after reaching the amount of 40 000 drams and having made a mistake, the guest will get 20 000 drams). After the guest finished guessing for any reasons (took the money, made a mistake, guessed it for 5 times in a row (won 320 thousands)) the ticket of the next participant is being get from the lottery-drum. This continues until the prize pool is being exhausted completely. The guest, which is the last takes the balance of credits on the machine.

Next two stages are to be passed identically (times – 01:0 and 02:0 accordingly).