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Цель игры

The goal of the game is to make a combination of five cards better than the dealer's. The game uses a deck of 52 cards without jokers. The cards ranking: Ace-King-Dame-Jack-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. In the combination of "Straight" Ace can count as both a low or high card. Maximum four boards can participate in the game.

In a case of free boards, one player can play with two boards "face up" or on all four, where two should be played "face down". All "ANTE" bets of one player on light/dark boards should be equal. First is needed to make a decision on the first course of the board distribution, then on the second one. To participate in a game one should bet on "ANTE" field. To continue the game put your cards face down on the "BET" field and over it with the bet equal to two rates of "ANTE".

Bets as "face up" should be done on the nearby boxes. The number of "face down" bets is limited only by the availability of free boards of the table. The value of "face down" bets can differ from the rates made "face up", but are equal to each other.

If you decide not to continue the game, you should put your cards on the table without opening them, and say "PASS". The dealer picks up the cards; the "ANTE" bet loses.

If you suppose that the combination can be improved, you can change any number of cards in one "ANTE" or buy the sixth card. In this case, the remaining cards must be put face up on the "BET" field. After exchanging of any number of cards, including five, you can look at your cards. Exchanges are made only after all players have made the decision.

If the dealer has one of the poker combinations listed below, he one by one compares his combination with the combination on each playing board. Combinations which are lower than the dealer's, lose.

If your combination is higher than the dealer's one, the "BET" is paid according to the payout table. At the same time, "ANTE" is not being paid.

In case of complete identity of the cards sets (only the suits are different) "STAY" (tie) is being declared. At the same time, the "ANTE" and "BET" are not to be paid or taken.

The exclusivity of the this "Poker" is that when you have two poker combinations, both of them can be paid in accordance with the payout ratios.

Two highest combinations participate in a game.

For this, two conditions must be met:

  • At least one of the two combinations should be higher the dealer's one;
  • The second combination must include at least one significant card, which was not such in the first combination. Significant cards are the ones that form the combination.

No more than two poker combinations can be paid for one player at the same time. Moreover, the total payment to the board can't exceed the maximum payout of the gaming table.

If you have a combination "Three of one type" and the higher, you can, if wish, insure it from "no game" of the dealer until dealer opens his cards. To do this you need to make additional bet in the range from the minimum table bet up to the half of the expected payout for your combination. If the anticipated payout is higher than the maximum one on this table, then the value of the bet on insurance can’t exceed the half of this maximum payout.

The total payment for the combination and insurance can’t exceed the maximum payout of the table.

If the dealer has “no game”, then the bet on insurance wins and is to be paid in the ratio 1: 1. If the dealer has a combination other than "no game", the bet on insurance loses. An exception is when the dealer's combination is over or equal to the combination on the board. In this case, the bet on insurance is not to be paid or taken.

Payout Table

Royal Flush         100:1

Straight Flush     50:1

Four of a kind    20:1

Full House           7:1

Flush     5:1

Straight                4:1

Three of a kind  3:1

Two pairs             2:1

Pair        1:1

Асе & King          1:1

Minimal game – is “Ace & King”.

In the case of dealer’s "no game", you can buy a game for him, i.e. change the dealer's highest card to the next card from the deck for one "ANTE". Furthermore, if the next card from the deck is equal by the rank to the replaced one (and the dealer again has “no game”), then the dealer makes a second exchange of the highest card for free (only once). If the next card is equal by the rank of the one being replaced, but in combination with the other four cards forms a significant combination (Ex. "Flush"), it is not to be replaced again.

If after buying a game for the dealer any combination is formed, then he alternately opens the player's cards and compares the combination of each board with his one (according to the "Russian Poker" rules).

If after buying the game for the dealer there is again “no game”, then the "ANTE" and "BET" are not paid and not to be paid or taken.

Players who do not want to participate in the purchase of the game to the dealer pays the "ANTE" in the ratio 1: 1 immediately after the announcement of "no game. Bet on insurance does not exclude the possibility of buying the game for the dealer.

  • During the game, it is not allowed to exchange information, as well as remove cards from the table!
  • Players are not allowed to exchange information about the cards.
  • Dealer’s turned card is not to be a reason to redeal.
  • Redeal is made if at least one of the participants in the game has received the wrong number of cards.
  • Readeal is not to be a reason for «ANTE» payout.
  • Credit and cash bets are not accepted.

The decision of casino management in disputed situations is to be considered as final.